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This is my really simple welcome so you can see what I am doing here. I, Xander Zappa, believe that kids should learn and that learning should happen in places where people care about them.

Photos: The photo above was made web friendly with Photoshop. If you want to place nice photos in your website, you need to brush up on your basic photoshop skills. The webmaster will help you if you ask for a lesson. :) The basics are not hard, and the finished product is important. The above picture is a large file on my computer—2mb, which is a hefty file to load on the web. To make the image more friendly I "export as jpg" from photoshop (and in this case made the width "800px"). The resulting image is only 45k large which is very web friendly (and looks pretty nice).

Using this page as a redirect: If you wish to create a "redirect" to a page you have developed elsewhere you do not put anything in the box I am currently editing. The section that all this text and image is in is called "Page Content 1" in the editor side of "page manager." The section on the editing page that is below "Page Content 1" is called "Redirect Properties." You would place the url of the wedbite you developed elsewhere in this section. [Or you can ask the webmaster to help you and he will do so gladly.]

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