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Posted 01/23/2018 08:01AM

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Felix Carroll: At Greylock Snow Day, the forecast is for fun

WILLIAMSTOWN — Wind wailing, temperature at 4 degrees Fahrenheit, who is that puffy creature encased in layers, the only biped on Spring Street with a bounce to his step?

Why it's none other than Blair Dils, a name you may not recognize. But if you're a student, a teacher, a parent or a superintendent of schools in Berkshire County, you likely read the words he typed into his computer the day prior.

In the toasty comfort of his own home, his boots by the door, some fresh cut oats on the stove, he typed, "Thursday MegaStorm: It's On." Then, he sat back and felt good — very good — about the universe and his place within it.

Self-proclaimed (and self-trained) "snowday-ologist," he's the guy — that guy — the creator of the blog Greylock Snow Day. He's the guy that's been predicting the odds of school snow days, late starts and early dismissals (with 90 percent accuracy, according to him — and we'll go with it) since the blog's founding on a blustery day in 2010.

In the process, has had 1.2 million page views and its Facebook equivalent has nearly 3,000 dedicated followers. ...


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