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Parking Lot Tweak
Posted 11/06/2018 08:31AM

Thank you to everyone for your efforts in following our traffic patterns so well at drop-off. We are finding the flow to be much more efficient than it has been in the past. After weeks of observing, we will be implementing one major change for safety purposes. The 15 minute and visitor parking, which had been in the row closest to the school, is now flipped to the other side of the median strip directly across from where it used to be. This is because we have noted that visitors backing out of those spots during drop-off are often having to contend with the moving traffic of the drop-off line directly behind them. By moving the visitor parking over one lane, this safety hazard will be eliminated. Staff will now park in the lane closest to the building.

One other reminder: though it is not always the shortest distance between two points, PLEASE use the cross walk if you park your car to walk into the building at drop-off. We are seeing people regularly walk through the active drop-off lane, which concerns us for safety reasons as well.

Thanks for your continued partnership in making our parking lot as safe as possible.

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