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A Message from Courtney King Tunis re: Student Survey
Posted 06/04/2021 11:19AM


Cortney Tunis is a consultant working on a listening and learning project for the District. The goal of the project is to better understand the student community's sentiments around their sense of inclusion and belonging in the school community. More information about her role and background were shared on April 30 by the Superintendent and her introduction letter is available at the link below.


Hello Parents and Guardians of kids in the Mount Greylock Regional School District!

I'm very pleased to be sharing this survey with you! Your high school students have been sent this survey directly, and I have attached here a list of the questions from the survey for you to see. This survey your students have received will accept responses until Friday, June 11th at 11:59pm ET. 

This survey is a key tool in understanding how your students see their place in their school, their sense of belonging for themselves and their classmates, and more. The students' privacy is very important to me, so this survey is anonymous. While I may pull quotes or information from individual survey responses for my final report, any identifying details will be changed or withheld to protect the identity of every respondent. It will be very helpful to have as many students as possible fill out this survey, so thank you in advance for your child's participation! 

Most of the questions rely on a 0-6 scale and simply require a one-click response. Some of the questions are open ended. At the very end of the survey your student will be asked if they'd like to get a follow up from me, or if I may follow up with you in the event that there is something that I'd like to learn more about. I've asked them to get your permission to have me reach out, and if they provide an email address for either of these answers, their name will only be shared with me and will remain confidential to the Mount Greylock Regional School District administration and staff. 

Your opportunity as parents and guardians to share your experiences and stories is coming shortly. I will be distributing a survey specifically for you, which will include the same option to indicate whether or not you'd like an additional follow up from me, or if it would be okay for me to reach out to you. I hope many of you will take advantage of that opportunity! 

Thank you again for your willingness to work with and support your kids to help me with this project. I really appreciate your time and efforts! 

All my best,

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