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A Message from the Superintendent
Posted 05/21/2021 01:37PM

May 21, 2021

Good Afternoon Mt. Greylock RSD Families and Caretakers,

We are so excited and honored to have our students back with us and so grateful to you, them, and our staff for the grit that has been shown over the past year. 

Likewise, we are grateful to everyone who has been or is considering being, vaccinated, as this has allowed our community and our country to move closer to the end of this pandemic. As a result of our collective efforts, federal and state guidance has been relaxed around face-covering requirements and the district has followed that guidance with its own policy update.

Earlier today, the Mt. Greylock Regional School District School Committee updated its policy relative to Face Coverings at our three schools. The updated policy can be found here.

The policy change is based on guidance from the CDC, from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), and the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA). 

The policy updates indicate that students do not need to wear masks when they are outdoors. Your children may continue to wear a mask at all times if this makes them or you more comfortable.

This change follows DESE guidance from May 17 and means that face coverings will not be required for students during:


Please note that we will continue to require six feet of distance between students when eating. And, we will maintain all of our social distancing practices as currently implemented -- there are no changes today in that regard.

Additionally, adults will not be required to wear masks when outdoors if appropriate social distancing is maintained.

We ask you to remember and review the following with your student:

  • The appropriate distancing between students should be maintained whenever possible.

  • For now, we ask students to refrain from hugs, handshakes, high fives, or other activities that require physical contact.

  • Face coverings are still required for any individual on a school bus or other district-provided transportation.

  • Face coverings must still be worn by adults when outside unless appropriate distancing of six feet cannot be maintained. This includes drop-off, pick-up, athletic events, and all other times that adults are on our campuses.


This is a good day for children and those who love them, care about them, and care for them. We hope you and yours are well, and we thank you for your time. Please have a peaceful weekend.



Jason P. McCandless, Superintendent of Schools


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