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A Message from the Principal: News and Notes
Posted 04/16/2021 07:48AM

Good Afternoon MG Students and Families,

We hope you are well.  What seems like the final remnants of winter are fast approaching.  Stay tuned to your regular station (email, phone, MG twitter account, Greylock Snow Day blog, or website), any potential impacts on schedule will be communicated as soon as possible.

Speaking about storms, we applaud the continued display of perseverance witnessed throughout the past year.  Both individually and collectively we’ve seen first hand our students, families, and staff triumph over obstacles and come together to support each other.  We’re confident we’ll weather this storm together, turning some struggles into strengths.  

As we enter our final academic quarter I expect we finish the year strong... happier, healthier, and more resilient.  Please enjoy April break.  Spend time with family and friends.  Take time for yourself.  Whatever you decide, be safe and know we’re here for you.

Please take time to review the notes below as some require quick turnaround times.

Mr. Schutz and Mr. Shebar


April Vacation Challenge (from the PEP Club) -

  • It's MOUNTIE BINGO time!! All are welcome to play along - students and adults- and we encourage you to get your family members involved too
  • "Complete" (or cross off)  a straight or diagonal line/row- the center square is of course free! 
  • For Mountie Bingo Rewards, you need to send in the evidence (photos) of all the items in the row you completed
  • There's a little prize for ANYONE who successfully completes a row- and a BIG prize for anyone who can prove through photos that they completed a BLACK- OUT of the entire bingo board
  • Print out the board here and start playing on FRIDAY! You have until Sunday night April 25th to submit your photos and win a prize! 


Parent / Guardian Openings –


Schedule Starting April 28th –

  • Notice the two lunches, and adjusted times
  • Staffing duties are being determined and will be shared as soon as they’re completed


Student / Family Surveys –

  • Two surveys will come out individually this week
    • Today families were asked to indicate their option between learning models for the remainder of the school year… fully in-person or fully remote
    • Later this week we’ll survey families about their interest in Summer Programming



  • No changes to dates
  • Juniors are exempt from having to pass the MCAS to graduate
    • they do however have the option to take the MCAS this year, or next year, in order to try to get the Adams scholarship
      • their first attempt will count towards the possible Adams scholarship


Staffing –

  • Please welcome Harrison (Harry) Trites who will work in the High School as a paraprofessional
    • Yes Harry is Kris’s son and a MG Alumni


SAT Change –

  • SATs will only be offered at MG April 27th
  • Only MG juniors are eligible to participate
  • This is during the school day – participating students will not be in class
  • Testing will take place in the barn
  • Other testing sites (including McCann) will offer later testing dates  


Seniors Notes –

  • Academics –
    • Seniors with yearly average of 93 or better will be exempt from finals
    • Senior Finals 2-4 June
  • Lunch –
    • 10:55-12:05
    • Barn / Waubeeka


COVID Updates –

  • Current Status –
    • No active cases or quarantine
      # of staff in quarantine 0
      # of staff in isolation 0
      # of students in quarantine 0
      # of students in isolation 0 
      # of new students and staff in quarantine/isolation 0
      # of COVID positive staff 0
      # of COVID positive students 0
  • Anyone or everyone who may still need an appointment…
    • April 19 is the date at which availability should be open to everyone in MA (16 years old and up)


Greylock Talks  (school-wide event) 

  • Anthony Bellmon ’08 will continue the Greylock ABC Speakers Series sponsored by the GMSU and supported by the SEE Fund
  • He will present and take questions on Friday 4/16 from 11:30 to 12:15
  • This school-wide event will go into Block 9/10… please have all students login  

Here is the Zoom link to access the webinar


Jacob N. Schutz

If you need assistance accessing information on our site, please contact the District Office at 413-458-9582 ext. 4000

1781 Cold Spring Road Williamstown, MA 01267 T: 413.458.9582

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