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Updated: 2020-2021 Mount Greylock Student Election
Posted 10/16/2020 06:00AM

Update: Changes made to timeline

Become Engaged in Student Government
2020-2021 Mount Greylock Student Election Update

Student elections are around the corner. Consider running for a seat on the Student Council or School Council or role as a Class Officer. Descriptions of these roles are available below.


Election Process

In order to get your name on the ballot, for any race, there are a few easy steps you must complete. 

  • First, you must submit a nomination form with the signatures from 25 classmates in your same academic year. If you are running for School Council, the signatures can be from anyone in grades 9 - 12, as the entire high school votes in that election. Digital nomination forms will be available on the school website's Student Council page or can be requested by emailing

  • Second, this year, in lieu of in-person speeches, we are asking every candidate to submit a short video message 1:30 - 2 minutes long. These videos will go out to your peers as part of the election ballot. 

  • Third, you can design and submit a digital promotional poster that will be posted on the website

    • All videos and promotional campaign materials will be reviewed by the student council and/or administration. 

  • You may not run for both Student Council and for a Class Officer Position. Members or Candidates for School Council may also run for another position if desired. 

  • Nomination sheets, recorded speeches, and any promotional graphics should be sent to



Nomination forms due 10/9
Campaign videos due 10/14 postponed to 10/16
Digital elections 10/20-22


Roles Described

Student Council

The Student Council serves as a bridge between students and administration, bringing ideas to and from the school community and working to improve the high school experience for all students. The Student Council consists of five elected students from each high school grade. Members are elected by the student body of their respective grades. Meetings have been held every Tuesday after school; a different schedule may be developed in light of COVID-19. We encourage every interested student to run for these seats! 


Class Officers

The class officer positions available in each grade are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The duties of the aforementioned class officers shall be as follows:

A. Research and organize class fundraisers. 

B. Run class meetings. 

C. Provide for the overall well-being of their class. 

D. Seek out candidates for their class advisor.


School Council

The School Council is a body of administrators, teachers, parents, and community members. Additionally, there are three seats filled by student representatives. The School Council can help to broaden the base of community and staff participation in the management and decision-making processes of the school. The School Council works to identify the educational needs of students attending the school and adopt corresponding educational goals for the school. They review the annual school budget and are tasked with formulating a school improvement plan. Student representatives are elected by the entire high school student body and will serve a two-year term on the School Council. While Student Council and Class Officers are only voted on by the people in your grade, School Council is a school-wide election, so everyone grades 9 - 12 will elect the representatives. This year there are 2 seats open.


More information can be found in the Student Council constitution: (



Please reach out to or 


If you need assistance accessing information on our site, please contact the District Office at 413-458-9582 ext. 4000

1781 Cold Spring Road Williamstown, MA 01267 T: 413.458.9582

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