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Timely Message from the Principal re: MG Survey Reminder / Updates
Posted 09/03/2020 04:52PM

Please remember to fill out this survey.  We are requiring that all families formally state their intentions for the fall so that we may prepare for the beginning of school on September 16. Please complete one survey for each of the students living in your household no later than Friday, September 4, at noon.


MG Hybrid
* Sept. 16 - Oct. 2: School will be held REMOTELY
* Oct. 5 - onward: 7 - 12th grade students will follow an AARBB hybrid in-person/remote schedule.

MG Remote Exclusively
* Sept 16 - onward: 7-12th grade student in the remote program will follow a full daily schedule of synchronous and asynchronous remote education.

This link brings you to the District website where you can watch last night’s presentation, review the set of slides, or read through the Q&As from the chat.

Here are some additional notes:

  • Families will be able to reassess their respective program (remote or hybrid) on a quarterly basis
  • The colorful schedule in the slides shows us has English in block 1, SS in block 2, Science in Block 3, etc.   This is just a sample student schedule.  Each student will simply follow the same rotation of classes every day.
  • Remote option: 
    • If your student is fully remote (and the entire school is fully remote) your student will be together with all other students (virtually) in their assigned classes (based on their schedule).
    • If your student is fully remote (and the school is hybrid) your student will essentially be assigned to a cohort and follow along with that cohort.  Say your student is in cohort A.  They will join virtually (and at the same time) their classes with their classmates who are sitting in person on Monday and Tuesday.  On Wednesday the entire class (both cohorts A and B) will be remote and logged in all together virtually with their teacher.  On Thursday and Friday your student will check in to their class virtually along with their classmates in cohort A who are also remote these days and be directed and/or assigned tasks, lessons, etc.
  • 7th Graders will be attending an online orientation with their core teachers on Wednesday, 9/16 and Thursday, 9/17.  You can expect them to start attending your classes during the normal class times on Friday, 9/18.
  • Student book / material distribution will take place Monday (9/14) and Tuesday (9/15) in a curb side pick up manner (MG bus loop). 


Kind Regards,
Jake and Colin

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