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A Message from the Athletic Director re: Fall Athletic Update
Posted 08/31/2020 12:00PM

Good Afternoon Mount Greylock Families!

The School Committee recently voted to approve a modified fall athletic program for Mount Greylock students.  These program options will help provide opportunities for students to be physically active in a safe, socially distanced and supervised environment. I have included the general concept of each available program for families to review.

Before announcing any specific details and schedules, there are a lot of logistical aspects of each program that will need to be arranged before plans can be finalized. I apologize for yet one more survey, but if a student in your household is hoping to participate in a modified athletic program this fall, please complete this fall athletic survey. As best as possible, please complete only one survey for each student attending Mount Greylock (remotely or in-person) this school year. We need to know how many students are interested in each program to continue planning.

Each program will follow guidelines released by the EEA, DESE and the MIAA.  If you would like more information or the link to the full documents for any of those guidelines and modifications, please let me know. I will gladly send that information to you.  In order to ensure that our programs remain safe and that we are able to properly follow all guidelines and modifications, we may need to limit the enrollment of individual programs. The survey included above will help us determine the number of students interested in each program and allow us to plan accordingly. Once final details are available, the School Committee will be able to determine the specific participation fees associated with each program.

In additional to wearing masks, student participants will be required to bring their own water bottle to each session and wash it before returning to the next session. Students will also be asked to ensure they have personal sanitizer or disinfecting wipes to use during breaks. Guidelines require that any item brought to practice by a student be carried in a "gym bag". There are no specific requirements on the type of bag used. However, each item carried in the bag, as well as the outside and inside of the bag must be disinfected after each session prior to using it for the next session. Students that do not have a water bottle or available bag to use for the season can contact the school.

The online registration necessary for all co-curricular programs at Mount Greylock will be available late next week. In preparation, participants and parents are encouraged to complete the NFHS Concussion Course and read the Opioid Misuse Prevention which will be needed as part of the registration process. A reminder that students wishing to participate in an athletic program will need an updated physical. The Department of Public Health has notified schools that this regulation will not be adjusted. The school must have an updated physical (within 13 months) on file for each student-athlete participant. Updated physicals can be emailed to Nurse Russell or faxed to the school.

Lastly, The MIAA requires that all participants and a parent attend a conduct review meeting prior to participation. In place of the traditional in-person Parent/Athlete Meeting, there will be a two part process. Parents will be asked to view a virtual presentation that can be watched in your own time (link still to come). Student participants will be required to attend a remote Zoom Meeting on Monday, September 14th at 6pm to be eligible for fall participation.

Thank you for all of your patience with this process and for taking a moment to complete the survey so we can accurately prepare for the number of students interested in each program. I will send updated information and the registration link next week.

Be well!
Coach von Holtz

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