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Greylock Student's Letter to the Berkshire Eagle Editor
Posted 05/18/2020 02:18PM

Letter: Racism is hindering fight against virus


To the editor:

I am a 14-year-old Asian-American, currently in ninth grade, and over the years, I have experienced some challenges that made me who I am today. As a victim of bullying, I understand the effects of racism since I have experienced it firsthand. I will always try to help those who are experiencing racial discrimination. When I see racism occur and especially during this already challenging time, I feel irritated because there is no reason to blame anything on someone you don't even know. People in East Asia are being killed because of their races. All over the world, people are dealing with lost loved ones, staying safe, and even having enough food to live through the day. We don't need to create any more problems. 

During these challenging times, people need each other for support and love. Technology has gifted us with that. Through technology, thinkers and innovators have provided resources that enhance our everyday lives. Nonetheless, some take advantage of the widespread opportunities that technology provides. For instance, social media is the most common hub for cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a monumental threat because not only does it make many people feel scared, humiliated, or angry, but it also doesn't hold the one responsible accountable. Along with cyberbullying, the widespread media is like a big telephone game. People either don't hear what was actually said or take it the wrong way and misunderstandings are caused. Some misunderstandings have similar effects to cyberbullying. They can make people feel left out and hopeless.

The ongoing racism due to this pandemic is causing more strife than necessary. Many don't understand the effects that racism has on everyone. It makes people feel alone, hurt, uptight, depressed, and more. There is no expiration date on the impact that racism has on people. It leaves a mark.

When the Founding Fathers first wrote the words We the people it may not have meant what it does today. But if we stand together as one, we can fight this pandemic. We need to stop racism because a peaceful world is always worth fighting for. The only reason that someone has for blaming someone else is that they can't accept the truth. So here's the truth, our world is being split apart by racism. People are turning against each other because of what they look like. Discrimination is the most immoral act that someone can commit.

If we can help stop the spread of the virus, we can help stop the spread of racism. Can you imagine a world where there are no wars and everyone is happy and content with each other? Well, the first step to building that world is to stop racism. For good.

Tyler Woodbury,


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