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Graduation Ceremony

Date: Saturday - June 06, 2020
Time: 11:00 AM

May 21, 2020 Dear Seniors,

We hope this email finds you well; we know it finds you eager for details about your last weeks at school. Graduation from high school is always a special milestone, and the traditions you have identified as important will frame your graduation even though they may be arranged differently and captured virtually. Here are some answers to most of your questions.

Q: When is Graduation?

A: Reserve Friday, 6/5 at 7 p.m. for a virtual Pre-Graduation event and Saturday, 6/6 at 11 a.m. for the formal distribution of diplomas and awards.

Q: What are the plans for Graduation?

A: We are looking at a two-part event with a digital portion and an in-person distribution of diplomas and awards. The digital portion will combine elements of Class Night and Graduation and include speeches, addresses, presentations, a slide show and music. The in-person distribution of diplomas and awards will allow seniors and a limited number of guests to come to school to receive their diplomas (and awards) formally with pomp and circumstance and the gravitas the occasion deserves. Afterwards, we are looking to memorialize the two events into a video that can be shared with family, friends and the wider community -- all of the people who want to celebrate your accomplishments. Exactly how the diplomas and awards will be distributed will be framed in the next several days by guidance provided by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education working with the Center of Disease Control and the Department of Health and Human Services.

A formal invitation, entry tickets and details regarding procedures for each day will be shared over the next week.

Q: With only a limited number of guests able to partake in the diploma distribution, how will my extended family, friends and neighbors be able to join the celebration?
A: Announcements will go out encouraging everyone wishing to celebrate the Class of 2020 to line the streets (at an appropriate distance) as graduates head home, diplomas in hand. Banners, balloons, cowbells, and more are all encouraged. A video that compiles all the elements will be shared through Mount Greylock's YouTube channel.

Q: When do we get caps and gowns, yearbooks and other items from school?

A: Check out - when seniors return books and provide some final details for the Guidance Office and receive yearbooks, caps and gowns and school medical files -- will take place on Friday, 5/29 or Monday, 6/1 depending upon the arrival of caps and gowns. With COVID-19, there was a delay with both manufacturing and delivery, but we'll get them before graduation. News on the specific day next week.

Q: How are we going to sign yearbooks?

A: Gabby Alvarez sent out a ​Google Form that allows you to create messages​ for your classmates last week. This was shared with faculty and staff as well. Please add your thoughts for your classmates by the end of the day on Friday, 5/22.

And remember that Gabby, Anna and Lily are collecting photographs with information about what's next for you for the Instagram account ​@mgrhsseniors2020​. DM the photos to the account or email them to ​Gabby​.

Q: I still have artwork, personal and gym locker items at school. What do I do?

A: PLEASE come Friday or Tuesday. The sooner the better. You can pick up your items between 8:00 and 2:30. If you cannot come until later on Friday or Tuesday, email ​Mrs. MacDonald, ​and she will make arrangements to leave the items out for you.

Q: I have money on account for the cafeteria. When will I get that?

A: A form for reimbursement was sent to all parents/guardians of students with a balance. Based on request, the balance can be sent to your home as a check or it can be transferred to a younger sibling for next year.

Q: Has our class decided what to do when we can gather to celebrate -- and maybe make up for the events we missed from Senior Week?
A: The officers along with the class have not identified specifically what will happen as they need to have a better sense of how COVID-19 will play out, but there was general consensus that some of the senior dues and money gained through fundraising should be reserved for an event to be held within a year.

Q: Will we be reimbursed any of our senior dues?

Once all the bills for the yearbook production plus caps and gowns are paid and a portion is reserved for future events, reimbursements will be mailed to families.

Q: Will there be a final edition of ​The Echo​ with senior highlights?
A: Yes! ​The Echo​ produces a year-end edition each year that celebrates the graduating class. Owen Tucker-Smith asked to share this email of requests:

page2image31796096 page2image31795904 page2image31792832 page2image31794752

We're working on putting together a virtual graduation issue of the Echo, and we have two items for seniors -- might you be able to send these out in your next email to the class?

First, we want to publish the list of senior destinations, so we'd appreciate it if seniors could complete​ ​this very quick form​ by Wednesday, May 27.

We're also looking for senior essays that we can publish with the issue -- student reflections on their years at Greylock. They could be about anything, whether it be memories from high school or thoughts about the future! Any senior who wants to write 250-500 words about their time at MG is welcome to submit to ​​!

Q: I like my lawn sign. Do you have any more?

A: Yes! We purchased some more signs to meet additional requests and have about ten extra to distribute. If you would like one, please email ​Mrs. MacDonald​.

Know that along with your family and friends, we at Mount Greylock think about you every day.
It was wonderful to see students as they picked up locker items, instruments and artwork. Without you, MG is just a building -- not a school. As you move into your last few days of classes, try to stay positive as you spend time with teachers, staff and classmates -- even if your connections are virtual. Whether you have been at MG for six years or one, you have built wonderful relationships. Savor those.

Be well,
Mrs. MacDonald, Mr. Schutz and Coach Jordan

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